Shanti Parva


After the Great War that has waged all around me over the past year, and now as it draws to a close, it is only proper that we have a few words of peace now, of closure, and of rest. A sort of ceremony one could say, that in the best circumstances, should bring peace to the land, but failing that, should at least calm the fires in the hearts of our friends.

I intend these to be my own words, my own thoughts over the past year, as events have occurred and new facts revealed themselves. As I am still unaware of all the things have happened, it is possible that some of what I write is perceived as irrelevant or even juvenile. But these are my thoughts on the matter, and I intend to be heard.

Origins of the War

This war, as all wars originated in the non-acceptance of the fundamental principle of human freedom.

As an individual, I reserve the right to start, discontinue, or resume my studies at any time. It is my inalienable right to seek the employment of my choice, or to cease such employment when it no longer suits my purpose or is no longer to my desire.

It is a matter of absolute amazement to me that I’m having to put this in black in white in this day and age – after all we are living in the 21st century, and such declarations are found in the fundamental bases of all the constitutions of the world.

Yet, it appears that the exercise of such rights and privileges were found to be quite alien at Purdue in the January of 2016. I guess this is also revealing as to the level of education obtained by those reigning in the University at the time.

I was repeatedly blocked / sabotaged from seeking employment starting from January of that year, continuing right up until the middle of July, when exhausted, and terrorized, I practically ceased applying.

My response to the blockade

But if the worthies who blocked me in such manner were a bit more educated, they would have realized that in doing so they were violating the law of the land.

It is a fundamental principle that any bureaucracy has only the power to delay, but never the power to deny. Deducing from this fundamental fact, the inference that the blockade could only ever be temporary, I decided in July to go into hibernation, so that I may best preserve myself for my beloved. [And I feel I’ve succeeded in that endeavor.]

When in the 1600s the Catholic Church, the paramount power in Italy, nay Europe at the time, could not make Galileo recant, is it not a bit much to imagine that a small mid-western University could actually succeed in the present act of illegal confinement? How one wishes for better education for our brethren!

As to the how of things – one could ask – how indeed did you ever imagine to break free, when faced with such insurmountable barriers, such implacable foes. To this, my answer can only be my faith in my education and learning, that made it abundantly clear to me, back in January itself, that the siege that had been laid around me could only be temporary.

I did not know how it would be broken, or who would step in to break it, but a faith in the law and in Dharma should tell anyone that such petty schemes do not ever last very long. As a matter of fact, I still am not aware of the exact mechanisms by which the enemies were dismantled, but I do not concern myself with the processes. It may seem weird, but thats just how I am.

To put it briefly, I knew I would be free one day, and keeping faith in this fact, I hibernated. And with easy credit (aka credit cards), limitless number of shows and Internet websites, the matter is made quite trivial really.

That indeed those who opposed us could think they could starve us, is again only a testament to their level of education / awareness, of which the less said the better.

To those who opposed us

It has come to my attention that a number of those who opposed us have met terrible fates. Some of these were my former teachers, friends, and even immediate family does not seem to have been spared. One feels a bit sad for these people, if only for their stupidity. For, as I said previously, it defies my  imagination as to how this hair-brained scheme could have ever been thought to succeed.

Be that as it may, these people have bought into crime, and have been served its wages. “Good riddance to bad rubbish”.

Or if one were to draw a bit into Hinduism, there is a passage in the Gita – I cannot at the moment recall the chapter or the verse. It is in response to the dismay that Arjun expresses at the fact that in the enemy camp are his own brothers, teachers and fathers.

The Lord God is the only doer of all actions, and all that we do is fulfill His desires. It is therefore meaningless to have excitements or regrets. Stability of mind in all states is the only reasonable course of action.

To which at one point Krishna reveals his Vishwa-roop. And elaborates on the fact that the doer of all actions is only Him. To think that “I did this or that”, specifically, in this instance, to imagine that “I killed him or her” is only delusion. Krishna says that I have already disposed of him, and wishes only for Arjuna to let loose his arrow.

Therefore to imagine for even a moment that those who fell could have been saved, or that they were even living at the time of their departure can only be delusion born of ignorance.

No, these people were dead the moment they bought into this infernal scheme, and I have nothing more to say about them. I honestly cannot claim to have any sympathy for the state they are currently in, or to have any regret for their eventual fate.

To our friends

And finally, I move on to the happy matter of our friends.

Is it not absolutely wonderful that when I end my confinement, I shall be doing so with a whole bunch of new friends and allies? Men and women who have worked all day and stayed awake all night to ensure my freedom? At least, I feel that this is an absolutely wonderful thing, and to think that I could obtain such allies warms my heart.

Although I do not know who these people are, they know who I am, and they watch over me. I feel wonderful just thinking about that. Thank you so much my new friends. Your tireless work means a lot to me!

It absolutely feels like having my own personal all-powerful Transformer bots who keep us safe at all times!

To my special friend

She has endured quite a lot, and shall soon get a dedicated post on this blog. But knowing everything, I only wish to sign off with this song. [Also love how well dressed the people are in this video.]

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